Abigail 1702 by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

Did you ever wonder what happened to the young girl who created the witch hunt hysteria which reigned in Salem, Massachusetts and surrounding area in 1692?

Abigail 1702 suggests one scenario to address that question.  The play centers around Ruth Meadow, whom speculation often pairs with the Abigail who disappeared from Chelmsford, Massachusetts at the same time witch hysteria reached its highest.  Some of the characters Aguirre-Sacasa portrays were alive and involved in the real story; some are fiction or fictionalized to fulfill the intent of the story on stage.

On another level, Abigail/Ruth is desperately battling with her own reckoning with her actions in a Faustian dance with the Devil.  This story is indelibly linked with the tale that unfolds on stage.

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