The Mysterious World of Aimee Loames
Saturday, February 25, 2017
at 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
9357 N. Congress Street, New Market, VA

The Rouss Center for the Arts is pleased to present a second play from Willough Sloan, the author of “Just Juliet”. The director, David Sloan, will be looking for a number of characters, male and female, and ranging in age from teens to 60+. The play is scheduled for April 20, 21, 22, with a matinee on Sunday, April 23. Have you been looking for a change in your daily activity? To meet new people? Try acting or helping behind the scenes! Come to auditions and join us in a new adventure!

For those of you who would like to know a little more about the Aimee Loames and her world, the author has shared this with us.

On her first day in their new apartment Lillian Tyler is feeling sorry for herself. She has left behind her city, her friends and her school. She thinks her life is over.

But that was before Tuesday.

Tuesday is the day she meets Aimee Loames – and her world is about to change!

Aimee Loames is about to show Lillian that mystery lurks everywhere in her world. But when an everyday trip to the museum turns sour and a valuable museum piece goes missing, Aimee, Lillian and Lillian’s annoying little brother Joey are the #1 suspects since they were the ones to notice its disappearance. Can Aimee solve the Mystery of the Purloined Pen? Or are the three of them going to have to do a lot of explaining to their mothers?
(If you don’t intend to audition, put this new play on your calendar to attend the production. We’re sure you will enjoy it. See you there!)

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