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The Love List, a comedy by Norm Foster

The Love List, a comedy by Norm Foster Directed by Cathy Rec Starring: Eric Santiful, Katie Kobert, and Gary Hines What are the top ten qualities in your perfect mate? Sense of Humor?  Smart?  Sexy?  Just be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it. A curious birthday gift causes all sorts of problems in […]

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New Workshop at the Rouss!

Theatre Games for all ages, children and adults! Take the workshop with a child! Come to play. In this workshop will be using theatre games as tools to unleash the performer’s instincts and find the “magic place” in performance where spontaneity and truth get to take the driver’s seat. There will be plenty of exercises […]

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How to Audition Workshop

HOW TO AUDITION WORKSHOP Learn how to audition or brush up your know-how.   This workshop will focus on basic audition skills for plays and/or musicals.  We will discuss/work on choosing material (monologues/songs), performing them, delivering clean/clear cold readings, and behaving with poise/confidence.  One of the aims of the workshop is to help the participant […]

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