501(c)(3) Official!

The Rouss Center for the Arts is now officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The organization received confirmation that The Rouss Center non-profit status became effective on September 8th, 2016. For our patrons, that means that any donation you have given The Rouss Center on or after that date is a tax-deductible donation on your Federal income tax. Do you hate a high tax bill? So do we. We are very willing to accept your donations to help you get that tax liability to a more palatable level. At the same time, you will be helping to bring theater and the other arts to the New Market and Shenandoah and Rockingham county areas. Donations can be sent to The Rouss Center for the Arts, PO Box 671, New Market, Va. 22844. The more you give, the more you will reduce your tax liability! AND the more you will support the arts in your community!

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