Introducing the Rouss Centre for the Arts

The Rouss Centre will provide live plays, movies, local bands, displays by local artists and the opportunity for those who are interested to join the Centre.  We want to establish a strong membership to support, not only the Centre, but also the local talent and artists who live in the New Market—Shenandoah County area.  In order to do this we have studied the theaters throughout the country that have been in operation for 25 years or more, to find out what they do to keep things going. In almost every case they have a strong membership that actively supports the organization.  
In order to keep the arts in New Market, the Rouss Centre for the Arts is offering memberships to anyone who is interested in supporting the Arts in this area. Each membership level will offer built in rewards to each supporter.  The following is a list of the membership levels.  
  • Individual Membership: $10.00 per year
  • Patron Membership: $25.00 per year
  • Family Membership: $40.00 per year (4 or more family members)
  • Benefactor Membership: $100.00 per year
  • Corporate Sponsor: $500.00 per production
The membership rewards for each level have not yet been determined, but will be announced by the membership committee in the next few weeks.  
The Centre also needs volunteers to help keep things running.  A list of volunteer positions will also be announced soon.  Watch your e-mail for the times and dates of meetings to help set-up and organize the Centre. If you are interested in joining the Rouss Centre for the Arts please contact us at 540-984-3134, e-mail  or join us at one of the meetings held locally in New Market.
Thank you for your support.