Upcoming Show: The Middle of Yesterday

Life is a curious thing. We go through and struggle with what our lives hold and build families as well as memories of our own, but what if we were stuck with just pieces as we live on? In this adaptation of The Middle of Yesterday an ex-War hero: Kilby Fleming suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease. Ghostly remains of his past roam in his mind as he is left to balance both reality and the disease that traps him. A very eye-opening and heart wrenching show to learn and experience from. If interested come down and be witness for a show you will never forget. For more info, click the links provided below:

(Warning: This show covers Mature themes regarding the aging of Alzheimer’s and shows brief moments of flashing/strobe light effects)

We are offering group discounts to convalescent and retirement homes for this production.

For more information contact us:
(888) 341-7313


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